Park Grid

© Dipozitiv 2020

Nadace Proměny

Year of realization

Michal Sloboda
Ondřej Brom

Karla Kupilíková
Jolana Říhová
Jana Říhová

The goal of the orientation system solution was to encourage parkvisitors to use public space more freely and lure them out of theordinary routes. The concept encourages the sharing of commoninterests at the designated coordinates, while also discussingwhether these activities actually belong to the public space orwhether they exist at all.


The park was divided by a radical grid system into individual parcels, marked with stabbed wood stakes regardless of bushes or ponds. These form a meeting point dedicated to activities that could be done in the public space.


Individual plots are marked with oak stakes

Each painted oak stake depicts a specific activity, and at the same time raises the question of whether this activity belongs to the public space at all

The oak stakes are in a precisely defined by grid system in the ground

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