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Case study

We are trying to find new ways to spread media content. We are a partner of large publishers in finding new ways of monetization. And through design, we are looking for 21st century solutions.


We help to media houses realize that their content is greatest strength

and their clients that content is the best form of advertising.

We have prepared several special magazines about the energy of the future in cooperation with Hospodářské noviny and the largest Czech energy company

Together with our publishing clients, we realize that data is the most valuable thing what we have.

We are looking for ways how to visualize a large amounts of data.

We live on the border between offline and online worlds. Therefore, it is necessary to design solutions for both worlds with the same care and attention.


The news industry is undergoing an extremely turbulent period when its functioning is fundamentally changed. Although the press remains a powerful medium, it is by no means as dominant as ever and its importance will continue to decline over time.

This turbulence is also noticeable in the online environment thanks to social networks. Visits of The New York Times newspaper's homepage has halved over the past few years, while visits direct to articles have increased 270 percent.

We are looking for parts of the process that could be automated to make them more effective, faster and cheaper.


If the editors decide, they can hold a prototype of the generated content magazine with any topic within a few minutes.

The target is that the reader can choose what type of content they will receive in their mailbox or they can manage the content what they need of their business.


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