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Year of realization

Ondřej Brom
Nicole Pálenská

František Polák

When Vratislav came to see us for the first time, his request was to create an online e-shop. However, products for CNC machines are so specific that after a long research for possibilities and conjecture, a simple website was finally created, which Vratislav still praiseing, and its customers as well, because they always know who to turn to when ordering.

↗ www.lpw.cz

There is beauty in simplicity and functionality.

A simple solution is many times more efficient than building megalomaniac projects. The function should not be weakened at the expense of the design, which should only support the functionality.

The factual information should be balanced along with the visual style and meet all the needs of the site visitor.

Graphic studio Dipozitiv is creating graphic designs, website programming, and photographic production for use on the web.
For its design of website designs, the graphic studio Dipozitiv also prepares content such as copywriting, illustrations, animations, photographs and profile videos.
Visual identity is the cornerstone of any company's communication. Design studio Dipozitiv will create a visual identity and complete preparation for your marketing communication.